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Ceramic Plate/Precision Gauge


Ceramic Plate/Precision Gauge

The adoption of structural ceramic materials in the precision gauge has the unmatchable advantages than the traditional alloys: For its high resistance to wear and corrosion, under the hostile environments, the service life is 3 to 5 times of the alloys gauges;

  • 1. For its low thermal expansion (W/m.K 2.5), the high temperature will not easily make this material expanded, so that the measurement accuracy can be guaranteed;
  • 2. For its extra-high hardness, it can reach high precision while avoid deforming;
  • 3. The lighter weight of zirconia material makes it convenient for transportation, storage and usage;
  • 4. The daily maintenance will be convenient and economical for the smooth surface and the resistance to wear and wetness;

The precision gauges in accordance with the international alloy standard or of non-standard can be available (mainly blanks).