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Y-TZP Ceramic knifeY-TZP陶瓷刀

Ceramic knife

Ceramic knife used in modern kitchen, which is very excellent that metal knife can not come up to, because its edge and surface is symmetrical and uniform, and the edge is very sharp that its rigidity is just under the diamond. Also, its abrasion resistance is as sixtyfold as metal knife, which incarnates the green environmental protection concept of new century and new material.

Characteristic: 1. The ceramic knife can prevent itself from cautery of serious of acids and bases organic matters, rustiness, changing colors and diffluence of metal ion, so it would be more healthy and environmentally-friendly.
2. It is easy to clean and can keep the primitive colors and original sapor of food. Besides, it would not react with the food that it seldom leads to microorganism breeding.
3. The knife is nonmagnetic completely. And it is made of compacted material so that it is with no holes.

Size: 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch
We can make a full range of sizes’ ceramic knifes if the customers require.

主要成分 Composition Wt% ZrO2 +Y2O3%≥99.5
密  度 Specific density g/cm3 >6.0
硬  度 Hardness(HV) MPa ≥12.0
热膨胀系数 Thermal expansion
Coefficient(20~400℃) (10-6/k) 9.6(20~400℃)
弹性模量 Elastic modulis GPa 200~250
断裂韧性 Fracture toughness MPa•m1/2 7-10
抗弯强度 Bending strength MPa >1150
晶粒尺寸 Grain size μm <0.6
热 导 率 Thermal conductivity W/m•K 2.5

This is eternity of refinement……